Monday, March 1, 2010

More Updates


So here I am working on updating more. I know some of these posts are out of order, but at least they are getting updated slowly. Still don't know if people even look at this. Again I picked just a few photos to use.

Luke and Jayden opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.

Jayden opening clothes.

Luke wanting more presents to open.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Okay. I am going to finally start updating this hopefully. I say hopefully because I say that all the time. I start this and I don't even know what to write. Lets start with doing Christmas first. Slowly I will be updated. Won't get it all done tonight I doubt. Well my mom and brother came out for Christmas and that was really nice. This was the first time they had seen our house. It was the first time they had seen the boys in a year and they had a blast with them. It took the boys a little longer to warm up to my brother, but they sure did. They really warmed up to Grandma as well and went to her a lot. They did so much better listening to her than me of course. I posted all the Christmas pictures on facebook, so only going to post a few on here. Way to many to choose from.


Luke, Grandma (my mom), and Jayden


Jayden Christmas morning. Also, Jayden playing with Uncle Jaremy (my brother) in the dump trunk they got for Christmas.


Luke looking at the toys for the first time and not knowing what to think. Also, Luke in the dump trunk.

Will post some pictures from Christmas with Scott's parents in another post. Gonna try to break the posts up. Overall the boys had a really good Christmas.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Okay so I am completely horrible at updating this. I told myself I was going to start updating this more and just update facebook. I just don't know what to write on here anymore. Things are going pretty good for us. I have been having back and forth issues with my mood, energy, and dealing with the boys. This week has been much better. Hopefully I do better at updating. My life is pretty boring. Just set home with the boys every day. I have been getting better at taking them places with me. Everytime I go to get video or take pictures of them they stop what they are doing and come directly for the camera. Enjoy.

So for updating with some pictures. Halloween went pretty good. We ended up carving pumpkins with Scott's siblings over even though Scott said we weren't going to carve them. Jayden didn't want to stay off the table. The pumpkin guts didn't scare him at all. On Halloween we went to Scott's parents ward for there Chili Cook-off and trunk or treating. The boys did really good there, besides not wanting to eat very well. To much commotion I think. Scott thought they were to young to participate in the trunk or treat, but people were giving him a hard time so we went down one row. The boys actually enjoyed there costumes and left the head pieces on. Jayden was a Panda Bear and Luke was a Teddy Bear. Pictures won't be in any particular order.

Luke the Teddy Bear.

Mommy and her boys. (Jayden, Mommy, Luke)

Jayden playing with the pumpkin and spoon.

Jayden the Panda Bear.

Grandpa, Jayden, Grandma, Luke

Yesterday I went and bought them a toy box. I was sick of them taking the bins out of there three day plastic bin. They would take the bins out and then fight over them. They also stood on them to play with the light switches which drove me nuts. I ended up getting them a Thomas the Train toy box. On the inside of the lid there is a design that with a small train track. Of course I messed up putting on one of the stickers so that was ruined and can't be used, but oh well. My ultimate goal was to have the toy box stay in the bedroom, but within 1/2 hour of getting it in there Jayden was bringing it out pushing it through the house. So last night I decided to just put it in a corner of the living room for now. They can't get it out very easily. They worked on it off and on all morning and ended up getting it out and pushing it all over the place. They love playing in the toy box. There will be some pictures following as well.

Thomas the Train toy box.

Luke playing in the toy box and of course tongue is out.

Boys playing in toy box. As trying to take picture Jayden starts to climb out.

Jayden playing in the toy box this morning.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update with Pics

So I haven't been updating. I don't know how many people even read this. I have been mainly using my facebook lately. So for a little update. We made it safely into our house. Slowly getting unpacked. Scott has been really busy with work lately so can't get him to unpack and put his stuff away very easily. I have been sick for awhile and it has been hard to get over. Everyone in the Johnson household (that would be counting Scott's parents house, since that is where we were living) has been sick and passing stuff around. It has taken awhile to get over everything. Not sure what to put. Might end up getting rid of this unless I find out a lot of people are looking at this.

Luke and Jayden playing with my utensils. Luke is in the cars and trucks pj's. They have a lot of fun playing with my utensils. So far they have broken three plastic ones as well. Right now I have all my metal ones on my counter because they won't stay out of the drawers. Getting tired of them being on the counter. The past couple days they have only got the cake spreaders and wood spoons. They had been trying to hit me with the other ones. The other day one of them was successful and hit me with a plastic spatula.

Here they are reading there books. Here is a way to see how much they look alike. In the first picture Luke is in the back and Jayden has the cheesy smile. In the second one Luke is on the left. They have been looking at there cardboard books a lot. They have ruined a couple already. Jayden comes up to me a lot with one of his books and wants to look at it with me and set on my lap.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting on the Right Path

We met with our Bishop today to start working with him on getting back on the track and doing better. He said we need to get the words "fear and doubt" out of our thinking. You can't have those and faith at the same time. I really need to apply that in everything. Could be a big reason I am having such a hard time all along feeling spiritual and everything. I have second guessing and doubt in me. I have a lot of negative thinking and need to get it out. Keep thinking negatively that I won't be able to get PartyLite to do anything out here in Utah. Why do I have such doubt in so many things. I think that is partly why I can't get a good testimony or feel much in my opinion when it comes to spiritual and church things.

Sorry this isn't organized. Just feel like getting things out and written. Inspired by Kristina Webb. Kristina I really enjoyed your updates on your blog. Wish I was more organized and had things thought out as well as you. Maybe I will think about it and fix this in a couple days or even tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boys First Hair Cut

My babies had there first hair cut today. We debated so much on cutting off the curls. With summer coming shorter hair will be easier especially with sunscreen and stuff. The didn't like the clippers very well. Did better with the shears. I had to hold Luke's head the whole time she was doing his. I didn't have to hold Jayden's head when she was using the shears. Hope you all enjoy.



Saturday, May 30, 2009

Safely in Utah

So the past two days have consisted of traveling to Utah. Scott's mom flew out to help me with the drive with the boys. I am so greatful that she came out to help me with the drive. There is no way I would have made it by myself. I am not good at driving distances and I am so happy for the extra hands with the boys. I did good driving yesterday, but not as good at the beginning this morning and today.

The boys did farely well with the drive. They took turns being fussy. It seemed at times they were more fussy when I wasn't driving. Go figure, my time to rest and relax and they were more needy. It was hard having to turn around so much to play with them and give them attention.

We stopped and stayed at a nice hotel in Mesquite last night. We ended up getting a mini suite. Yes more than we should have spent. We needed to have a big enough room to sleep three adults and also have two cribs. Going to bed last night was another story for the boys. They were a nightmare to put to sleep. We tried to do the normal and let them cry it out. That didn't work. Part was they knew we were right there and could see us. Plus Mom Johnson and I think not having there cd player made a difference, but Scott doesn't. Jayden was screaming bloody murder. He would not stop for anything. Luke was also screaming but calmed himself down then would start back in. We ended up having to hold the boys in bed and almost let them sleep with us but the only way Jayden wanted to sleep was on my chest and stomach. So after awhile we put them back in there cribs and was able to get them to stay calm and go to sleep.

Lets hope we are able to get into routine pretty quickly. Have to put there room together tomorrow and Monday. They are using pack n plays tonight til we get the cribs set up.

Well there is an update. Will post one with pics soon when they get there first hair cut and some of being outside here.