Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update with Pics

So I haven't been updating. I don't know how many people even read this. I have been mainly using my facebook lately. So for a little update. We made it safely into our house. Slowly getting unpacked. Scott has been really busy with work lately so can't get him to unpack and put his stuff away very easily. I have been sick for awhile and it has been hard to get over. Everyone in the Johnson household (that would be counting Scott's parents house, since that is where we were living) has been sick and passing stuff around. It has taken awhile to get over everything. Not sure what to put. Might end up getting rid of this unless I find out a lot of people are looking at this.

Luke and Jayden playing with my utensils. Luke is in the cars and trucks pj's. They have a lot of fun playing with my utensils. So far they have broken three plastic ones as well. Right now I have all my metal ones on my counter because they won't stay out of the drawers. Getting tired of them being on the counter. The past couple days they have only got the cake spreaders and wood spoons. They had been trying to hit me with the other ones. The other day one of them was successful and hit me with a plastic spatula.

Here they are reading there books. Here is a way to see how much they look alike. In the first picture Luke is in the back and Jayden has the cheesy smile. In the second one Luke is on the left. They have been looking at there cardboard books a lot. They have ruined a couple already. Jayden comes up to me a lot with one of his books and wants to look at it with me and set on my lap.


Lindsay said...

I give you a lot of props for raising twin boys! I'm sure it's not easy but they are really cute :-D

Johnson's Times Two said...

Thanks Lindsay.