Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting on the Right Path

We met with our Bishop today to start working with him on getting back on the track and doing better. He said we need to get the words "fear and doubt" out of our thinking. You can't have those and faith at the same time. I really need to apply that in everything. Could be a big reason I am having such a hard time all along feeling spiritual and everything. I have second guessing and doubt in me. I have a lot of negative thinking and need to get it out. Keep thinking negatively that I won't be able to get PartyLite to do anything out here in Utah. Why do I have such doubt in so many things. I think that is partly why I can't get a good testimony or feel much in my opinion when it comes to spiritual and church things.

Sorry this isn't organized. Just feel like getting things out and written. Inspired by Kristina Webb. Kristina I really enjoyed your updates on your blog. Wish I was more organized and had things thought out as well as you. Maybe I will think about it and fix this in a couple days or even tomorrow.

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