Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Okay so I am completely horrible at updating this. I told myself I was going to start updating this more and just update facebook. I just don't know what to write on here anymore. Things are going pretty good for us. I have been having back and forth issues with my mood, energy, and dealing with the boys. This week has been much better. Hopefully I do better at updating. My life is pretty boring. Just set home with the boys every day. I have been getting better at taking them places with me. Everytime I go to get video or take pictures of them they stop what they are doing and come directly for the camera. Enjoy.

So for updating with some pictures. Halloween went pretty good. We ended up carving pumpkins with Scott's siblings over even though Scott said we weren't going to carve them. Jayden didn't want to stay off the table. The pumpkin guts didn't scare him at all. On Halloween we went to Scott's parents ward for there Chili Cook-off and trunk or treating. The boys did really good there, besides not wanting to eat very well. To much commotion I think. Scott thought they were to young to participate in the trunk or treat, but people were giving him a hard time so we went down one row. The boys actually enjoyed there costumes and left the head pieces on. Jayden was a Panda Bear and Luke was a Teddy Bear. Pictures won't be in any particular order.

Luke the Teddy Bear.

Mommy and her boys. (Jayden, Mommy, Luke)

Jayden playing with the pumpkin and spoon.

Jayden the Panda Bear.

Grandpa, Jayden, Grandma, Luke

Yesterday I went and bought them a toy box. I was sick of them taking the bins out of there three day plastic bin. They would take the bins out and then fight over them. They also stood on them to play with the light switches which drove me nuts. I ended up getting them a Thomas the Train toy box. On the inside of the lid there is a design that with a small train track. Of course I messed up putting on one of the stickers so that was ruined and can't be used, but oh well. My ultimate goal was to have the toy box stay in the bedroom, but within 1/2 hour of getting it in there Jayden was bringing it out pushing it through the house. So last night I decided to just put it in a corner of the living room for now. They can't get it out very easily. They worked on it off and on all morning and ended up getting it out and pushing it all over the place. They love playing in the toy box. There will be some pictures following as well.

Thomas the Train toy box.

Luke playing in the toy box and of course tongue is out.

Boys playing in toy box. As trying to take picture Jayden starts to climb out.

Jayden playing in the toy box this morning.


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

Hey Ashley! Cute pics of the boys. They are too cute with that toy box. It looks like it is a whole new toy! Good times! I hope that you are well!

The Gosfam said...

Cute blog :) I will follow you now, oh and Scott is CRAZY :) Kids are never to young for Trunk or Treating!!